Colon Testing
Colonoscopy is a procedure used to examine the inside of the colon and rectum for abnormalities. Colonoscopy is generally considered the procedure of choice to look for early signs of colorectal cancer. Ask your physician if you should have this important screening exam.
There are a wide variety of options available to prevent pregnancy. These include traditional pill forms, injections, vaginally inserted rings, intrauterine devices, an implantable device in the arm, and permanent forms of contraception. For information on any of these methods or to schedule an appointment call the office, 970-241-7600.
As a convenience to our patients we have posted in this section several of the forms we commonly use in our practice. Most of the forms require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader and the ability for you to print from your computer. Most computers come with Adobe Reader but if you don't have it you can download it by clicking on the icon:

  • New Patient Application Form: If you are wanting to join our practice and have not yet registered you can start by going here and filling out the online form.
    New Patient Application

  • Health History Form: If you have already registered you can download the Health History Form. You can either print the form and fill it in by hand or you can fill it in on your computer. Download Form